Here are a few projects that Tim has done. Tim started with a 1948 Cessna 140 that he totally restored and still flies today. He also has designed and created various tooling for projects that he has worked on.
Gear Box RepairUnderside Right hand side of the horizontalRight hand elevator rebuildTail feather Fairingprep for wing recovering Wing recoveringWinter of 1998Winter of 2000getting ready for trim spring of 2001Bud Helmircks and I. He was the first owner of the Arctic Tern and flew 60,000 hrs in Alaska, starting with this 140. He wrote of his adventures in Flight of the Arctic Tern published in 1952Summer of 2009Cessna 140 Horzontal stab rebuild
War F4U Corsairs landing gear (Final project for school)Bungy toolexample of waterjetting tolerancesXS1100 tank badges I design had lasered then nickel plated for my motorcycle Notice it has XS11 on the back panel, then  YAMAHA was welded from the back side.toolingWaste Gate for a Piper Wake board rack I made for a friend. It was water jetted out then welded together
Scab patch on a L-39 aft fusealgeaft frame leftaft frame rightlower aft frame doubleroverall shot of the frameL-39 Albatross (Race 8)
J-4 cowling trim, I also made up the side cowls and the top panel. Had to stick a wire in the aft edge to stiffen the edge of the sheetmetal.chaffing repairtubes for  ram airRadio installationlower cowl  rework
A fixture for removal and installation of a tail rotor gear box on a Bell 206Engine mount bracket on a Augusta left engine
Tail cone repair on a DC-6Gear door repair DC-6Emergency extension door rebuild DC-6Flap fitting replacementFlap cove repairsCargo door repairsC-46 Placard, It came from the factory...every airplane should have one!
Cessna 140
L-39 and various other sheetmetal projects
J-4 and Luscombe
Bell 206 and Augusta
CADD Design
Zenith Zodiac 601XL
The PA-12 after new fabric and repair on the floats. Ready to lauch for the summer.
Fabric Installation and repair